What is a blogger?

These days bloggers don’t necessarily have to write an article or even have their own website. Instead they influence their audience by posting a great picture on social media featuring a brand and adding a common hashtag.


How to become a Blog Avenues blogger?

If you are an Australian blogger with over 5,000 followers on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Pinterest, sign up here www.blogavenues.com/blogger/register.

How will I know if a business wants to collaborate with me?

A subscribed business can discover you in our online directory. Make sure you complete your blogger profile so that businesses know what your blog is all about. Businesses can also post a job opportunity and you can pitch your ideas to them about how you would feature their brand. (We call this a Post & Pitch.) You will receive an email every time there is a new job post for your category so that you don’t miss out on any collaboration opportunities!


How are bloggers qualified?

Each Blog Avenues blogger must have over 5,000 followers on any one social media channel.

Across which social channels can you collaborate?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

What blogger categories are there?

Blog Avenues has bloggers across nine categories: Beauty and Hair, Fashion, Fitness, Fitness Health and Wellbeing, Food and Drink, Home and Interiors, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel, Wedding.

What’s included in the Blog Avenues Starter Pack for a business?

Blog Avenues Starter Pack includes 6 months access to the Blog Avenues database of Australian bloggers in the category of your choice, plus one Post & Pitch.

What is a Post & Pitch?

Post & Pitch is a job tool that allows you to post targeted job opportunities to bloggers, offering complimentary product or service, tickets or cash in recognition of their work. It also allows bloggers to pitch back their ideas on how they would collaborate with your brand and best meet your brief.

Can I access more than one blogger category?

Businesses can subscribe to three ever-growing blogger categories. Businesses can then filter the blogger database by gender, location, age, social reach and category.

How do I choose the right blogger?

When choosing a blogger to collaborate with you should always do your research for who is the best fit for your brand. What works for one, may not work for another. You should always review both their profile and engagement levels.

  • Is the photography/blog style in line with how you would want to see your brand represented?
  • Does the blogger create conversation amongst their community?
  • Do they respond to followers when they comment or ask questions?
  • How does the number of likes per post compare to the number of followers?

How many bloggers should you collaborate with?

Why collaborate with just one blogger? If your partnerships are authentic there are no limits to the number of bloggers to connect with. Think of bloggers as your brand ambassadors!

"One thing leads to another, everything is connected"

- Charlotte Bonham-Carter